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CARELITE work lamp passes crush resistance test


CARELITE, a manufacturer of work lamps, has successfully passed the crush resistance test, confirming the high quality and durable performance of their products.

The crush resistance test was conducted to assess the ability of the CARELITE work lamp to withstand extreme pressure. During the test, a weight of 1000 kg was placed on the lamp for 20 minutes, checking for any deformities or cracks in the lamp structure. The work lamp successfully passed all tests and emerged free of any damage, demonstrating its high quality and durability in usage.

The certification of the crush resistance test provides a higher level of safety assurance for the users of CARELITE work lamps. The management at CARELITE have stated their commitment to maintain strict production processes and quality management standards, ensuring that every work lamp produced is of the highest quality and safe to use. Additionally, they urge users to always verify if their work lamps are certified and have passed the required tests.

Work lamps like CARELITE are an essential tool for many industries and offices, providing effective lighting for a variety of tasks. The successful completion of the crush resistance test provides not only a certification of quality for CARELITE products but also ensures that the entire industry is producing safe and reliable equipment.

This achievement is a testament to CARELITE’s commitment to excellence and to providing the best quality products to their customers. By passing the crush resistance test, CARELITE has established itself as a leader in the industry, creating a safer and more reliable usage environment.

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