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What are the characteristics of Camping Lantern?


1. Brightness is always the theme of lamps, Camping Lantern

Brightness is also measured by lumens. Generally, the brightness of Camping Lantern is between 100-300 lumens and slightly higher than the headlight in terms of brightness. If it is placed in the tent, the 100-lumen camp light is enough to use it for 2-3 people; if it is prepared to be used in the camp kitchen, you can consider the brighter camping lights; if it is prepared for photos or photos of multiple tents or It is a multi -person dinner lighting, and you can consider the Camping Lantern with more than 200 lumens. The Barebones forest lantern liquid lingering is 50-300 lumens, and it can be unprecedented, which is more convenient. Different scenarios and needs can adjust different brightness.

2. Durable, Camping Lantern's durability is mainly two aspects: strong shell and certain waterproof ability.

Camping Lantern will plug into the backpack like other equipment, and it is inevitable that the collision is squeezed. Therefore, the strong shell is very important for camp lights. The high -quality camp lights are tough and elastic and high -quality materials. The material is textured and not easy to be squeezed and deformed.
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