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Lighting is the most basic function of LED Tent Campground Lantern


Professional camp layout, LED Tent Campground Lantern is an essential device. It provides us with night lighting, but it also gives our hearts a sense of security. The advantages of LED Tent Campground Lantern are obvious. It can provide us with stable light sources, so it is very suitable for casual and cooking in camps.

We can refer to the lighting of the LED Tent Campground Lantern. Generally speaking, the brightness of the camping light is between 100-300 lit light. If it is a lighting light in the tent, the 100-lit light is enough to use 2-3 people. If you cook in the camp, the brightness should be considered above 200 lit. Here, we refer to Xingnuo Ming's camping light. Its lighting is more than 200 lumens, which can be 4 blocking light. There are two lighting methods (white light and yellow light). Different scenarios can adjust different brightness mode, which is very good.

LED Tent Campground Lantern generally has two ways of use. The first is the suspension type, and the second is placed, which is placed on the table. If it is a hanging camping light, there is usually a hook on the top. The bulb is on the top. If it is placed and used, the bulb is usually on both sides.

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