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Head lamp Precautions


1. Head LAMP or flashlight is a very important equipment, but the battery must be taken out when not in use to avoid being corroded.

2. A small number of headlights and even waterproof properties. If you think waterproof is very important, buy such waterproof light bulbs, but it is best to prevent rain, because the weather in the wild is not that you can manipulate yourself;

3. There is a comfortable cushion in the headlight seat, and some are hanging by the pen like a pen;

4. The switch of the lamp holder must be durable. Do not appear in the backpack to turn on the waste of electricity or have some conditions. Close, take out the light bulb or take out the battery;

5. The bulb can not be durable for a long time. It is best to bring the spare light bulb for a long time. For example, the bulb and other light bulbs will produce hot and brighter than the vacuum bubble (Vacuumbulb). The light bulb will identify the number of ampels at the bottom, and the general battery life is 4 amp/time, it is equal to 8 hours at 0.5 amp up light bulbs.