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What are the characteristics of the camp lamp?


There are many types of camping lamps. Now they basically use cold -light energy -saving lamps and LED bulbs. The earliest use of dry battery types. The disadvantage is that they should carry more batteries and have a large weight. At present, it is generally used in the battalion, which can be charged by car, power charge, solar panel charging, etc., which can be charged anytime, anywhere, so that energy saving and environmental protection, without worrying about power problems, is widely loved.
LED has a long life, with a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.
LED has an efficient visual effect, with clear and soft light sources.
LED brightness is 16000-18000mcd.
LED is extremely reliable and safe, and it is the most ideal substitute for traditional light bulbs.
LED is the health of green lighting products.
LED is a low energy consumption heat source, and basically does not heat up

The main performance characteristics of camping lights
1: Use high -quality batteries
Consecutive working hours: 4LED more than 120 hours/10LED more than 60 hours/14LED more than 30 hours/14flash more than 150 hours
2: LED light life exceeds 100,000 hours
3: High -intensity ABS engineering plastic shell and anti -crushing bulb can withstand great impact.
4: The carefully designed reflective mask ensures that there is sufficient concentration and pan -light in the middle and close distances;
5: Use temperature range: -40 ° C to +50 ° C.

The main function of the camping light:
This headlight can not only play a very important role in outdoor sports at night, but also has a good tool for fishing at night when power outlet. It is also a good tool for fishing at night. To. The shell of this product is ABS plastic+silver paint, and there will be some small scratches on the surface. If we can guarantee that the product quality is passed after the test is qualified, the constructing design is humanized, suitable for field use. It can continue to work for 150 hours to maintain high brightness for 150 hours. It is the first choice for field activities.