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Aluminum LED Worklights Light
  • Aluminum LED Worklights LightAluminum LED Worklights Light

Aluminum LED Worklights Light

Aluminum LED worklights light are a type of portable, battery-operated lighting tool designed to provide bright and focused illumination for various workspaces and job sites. You can rest assured to buy customized Aluminum LED Worklights Light from us. Carelite look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!

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Product Description

Aluminum LED Worklights Light

Carelite is a manufacturer and supplier of Aluminum LED Worklights Lights in China that can handle bulk orders. We can offer you a knowledgeable service and a lower pricing.  comes with a 180-degree swivel base that has a tripod screw port and strong inbuilt magnets for versatile attachment. You have a lot of versatility and application options for checking the inside of autos and other confined spaces thanks to this.Mobile device charging is possible thanks to a USB port and rechargeable built-in power bank.

The most complete and sophisticated product of its kind in the world, with a high CRI rating and a range of color temperatures, is this aluminum LED worklight. Everywhere a painted surface needs to be examined, specialist illumination solutions of the highest quality can be used for color matching, detailing, and basic paint work. It is the ideal instrument for the professional detailer, offering the best circumstances for precise color matching as well as highlighting and locating flaws.

Aluminum LED worklights are portable and lightweight, making it simple to carry them about a labor site.

They are normally built of strong, high-quality metal to endure rough handling and inclement weather.

The majority of versions have an adjustable stand or handle that enables users to focus the light where it is most needed.

High-luminosity LED bulbs that produce strong, focused light are utilized in aluminum LED worklights.

LED lights are safe and economical because they use less energy, are durable, and don't produce heat.

Energy Source:Aluminum LED worklights typically use rechargeable batteries that may be charged by USB or AC adapters, offering convenience and efficiency.

For lighting up work areas, construction sites, workshops, and garages where power supplies may be scarce, aluminum LED worklights are the best option.

They offer bright and portable lighting, making them ideal for outdoor pursuits like camping, hiking, and fishing.

For further personalization and adaptability, certain models could come with features like waterproofing, numerous illumination modes, and adjustable brightness settings.

You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Aluminum LED Worklights Lights.Carelite look forward to cooperating with you.

Specications of Carelite Aluminum LED Worklights Light: 


Nylon, TPE, Aluminum

Li- ion battery

3.7V, 6600mAh, 24.42Wh

Charging time


Charing input

5VDC, Max 2A

Protection level

IP65, all weathers proof and impact resistant

Lighting beam angle


Size & Weight

135x120x47.5mm; 450g

Payment terms

T/T, By Paypal, By Western Union.


Carelite Aluminum LED Worklights Light Feature and Application


LED lights have a high lumen output that generate a bright, focused light for lighting work areas.

LED lights with a long lifespan and low heat production.

batteries that can be recharged, doing away with the necessity for external power sources.

Construction elements that are waterproof and long-lasting include a flexible stand or grip.

For portability, the design is small and light.


For general illumination on building sites and in workshops, aluminum LED worklights are perfect.

They come in handy for auto and mechanical repairs that call for close vision in low-light settings.

They are appropriate for outdoor pursuits requiring dependable and effective lighting, such as camping, trekking, and fishing.

Aluminum LED Worklights are also employed in emergency scenarios including power outages, roadside assistance, and search & rescue.

They can be utilized for repairs, DIY tasks, and renovations around the house.

Carelite Aluminum LED Worklight Lights Details:

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