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Working lights and simple introduction


LED Work Light, light sources are used in halogen tungsten bulbs, which have the characteristics of waterproofing and anti -erosion. It is suitable for various large and medium -sized CNC machine tools, combined machine tools, machining centers and ordinary machine tools. It is especially suitable for indoor lighting of closed CNC machine tools. The halogen bubble light source uses halogen tungsten bulbs. It is suitable for the lighting of various equipment such as small, small CNC machine tools, combined machine tools, and universal machine tools. It can also be used for lighting and experimental observation. You can also install an electronic voltage and enter different voltages. Adapted to the work lighting of small machine tools, medical equipment and automobile repair, ship maintenance, equipment maintenance. The interior electronic transformers are available, and different input voltages are applicable.

LED Work Light : Applicable to the local lighting of the middle, small lathes, planes, milling machines, mills and other equipment, and can also be used for work lighting such as fitter, laboratory, maintenance and other work. Combined with the lighting of machine tools and other equipment, it has the advantages of waterproof, explosion -proof, and anti -erosion.

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