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What are the functions of Camping Lantern?


The lamps used in Camping Lantern mainly have a lighting effect. With the development of the camping market, the current camping lights are getting stronger and stronger, with multi -functional outdoor camping lights. In addition to lighting, the function of multi -function camping lights also mainly includes:

1. Mobile power function
Many camping lights can be used as a charging treasure. If the mobile phone is out of power in the wild, it can temporarily charge the mobile phone for emergency.

2. Lighting function

Not only can the brightness of the light according to the weather conditions, but also the function of regulating the color of camping lights, -In the red light, when the red light is high, it can reduce the harassment of the wild mosquito when protecting the dark vision effect of people; red light When flashing, it can be used as a security warning signal light.

3. Remote control function

Now some high -end wild camping lights can be controlled remotely. Without a tent or sleeping bag, you can turn off or turn on outdoor camping lights from a distance.

4. Solar charging function

Camping lights with solar charging functions are usually equipped with a solar charging board. It can use solar energy charging during the day. The power source is environmentally friendly without pollution, and there is no need to worry about exhaustion of the power.

5. Wind function

When camping, if the temperature is high, it is also necessary to carry a fan. It is inevitable that some camping lights can be used as a fan.

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