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Keep Active


As we know, today’s global economy is recessing, but the demand is there, that’s why we should  keep active in new product development and reduction in the raw materials and in the meantime, the mass production quality must be 100% taken care of.


For each production, all the raw materials would be spot checked and once the lamps are assembled up, the aging test would be performed in 3 circles, firstly turn on the light and completely discharge the power, secondly, fully charge it, thirdly, discharge and finally fully charge them. In the process,  our workers keep watching them one by one, and can find each cons such as short discharge, bad circuit board and lower brightness, etc.  In prior to packing up, each unit with shortcomings including dirty dots, poor packaging materials would be revised.


We shipped out more than 15000pcs of lamps to North America days ago, we believe they can be well accepted by each user.