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How to use the emergency flashlight correctly?


In recent years, vehicle safety accidents have occurred frequently, especially in the case of floods, and the vehicle is submerged in water and cannot escape. An emergency flashlight can make you break through. So how to use the emergency flashlight correctly?

The proper use of emergency flashlights is as follows:
First of all, if you are trapped in the car and the door cannot be opened, take out the emergency flashlight in the car, remove the plastic cover on the emergency hammer, hold the flashlight tightly, aim at the edge of the window glass, and hit hard, the glass will shatter. If the seat belt cannot be opened, place it on the invisible blade of the emergency flashlight and escape with a single stroke.

If the car breaks down and parks on the side of the road in the dark night, you can turn on the emergency alarm flasher and attach it to the roof of the car. The warning function has been done to prevent the rear-end collision of the vehicle behind, so that the rescuers can find it in time.

It can be used as ordinary flashlight lighting, which lasts for more than 9 hours, in case of emergency, especially lesbians can use it as a self-defense tool at night, and the warning light is turned on to prevent the bad guys from approaching.

If there is a fire at home and the smoke is billowing, you can go to the window sill, turn on the alarm light, and the alarm sounds to call for help from the people downstairs.

Usually we have to prepare the necessary supplies in the car to prevent emergencies.

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